2017 Fuji BJJ Championship

The Fuji BJJ Championship in Tucson was an awesome event and the first time that Tucson hosted a tournament of this level.  As a team we brought home 13 golds, 11 silver and 2 bronze.  We are very proud of the result and all the the hard work the team puts in day in and day out. Thank you to all who supports our athletes.

Jesus Artesi Seminar @inverse

Yesterday morning we had the pleasure of having Jesus Artesi, an active black belt competitor and friend.  He taught us multiple attacks from the guard and counter attacks for defenses.  Jesus also cleaned up some basics for us from the closed guard position.  Thank you Jesus for the knowledge and hard training.

Ariel Hernandez, Gordon Kimura, Jesus Artesi, Ismat Abdulhamid

Ariel Hernandez, Gordon Kimura, Jesus Artesi, Ismat Abdulhamid

The Soul of Jiu Jitsu

A beautiful video featuring Nic Gregoriades by Stuart Cooper on the deeper value of Jiu Jitsu and brotherhood.

In 2013 Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood joined with filmmaker Stuart Cooper to create the 'Spirit of Jiu Jitsu', a short-film about the BJJ lifestyle that was shot in Phuket, Thailand. The film became very popular and there were several requests to create a sequel.